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The United States asked for a "double-reverse" investigation on Chinese tiles! 188 Chinese companies involved in the case
2019-04-20 1027
Beijing time on the morning of April 11, 2019 (Washington time, April 10 afternoon), American porcelain

Brick Fair Trade Alliance Coalition for Fair Trade in Ceramic Tile ("

FTCT") applied to the US Department of Commerce and the US International Trade Commission for

Anti-dumping and countervailing ("double-reverse") surveys were conducted on tiles produced in China. Tao Wei Net

The company found that the company involved included 188 Chinese companies and 62 US importers.

According to customs statistics, the United States is the largest exporter of Chinese ceramic tiles in 2018, so this time

The survey covers a wide range. Dongsheng Trade found the document of this "double-reverse" investigation and found that

Chinese ceramic tile counter-infringement and countervailing duty appealed by the American Tile Fair Trade Alliance

There are a total of 188 companies and 62 American tile importers.

Among them, the Chinese ceramic tile enterprises involved are from Guangdong, Jiangxi, Hunan, Henan, and Hebei.

, Fujian, Sichuan and other ceramic producing areas, including Hangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hong Kong

Tile companies and tile import companies in other places, Malaysia Jinxing Ceramics was established in Shanghai

The branch office has not been spared, and it can be seen that this "double-reverse" involves a wide range.

Survey information

Based on the documents and relevant information, the following details are compiled:

1. Applicant

American Tile Fair Trade Alliance Coalition for Fair Trade in Ceramic

Tile ("FTCT"), including 8 US tile manufacturers

2, the product involved

The customs code is 6907 tile products, and the customs code starts with products of 6914 and 6905.

It may be involved.

3. The alleged dumping margin

The petitioner alleged that the dumping margin ranged from 178.22% to 428.5% of the tile product.

4. Investigation period

Case dumping investigation period: October 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019

Subsidy investigation period: 2018 year

From the above information, the dumping investigation period was announced on September 24 last year by Trump.

This period of time after the Chinese product increased by 10% tariff. Although the Sino-US trade war last year, given

The export of ceramic tiles to the United States has had an adverse impact, but according to customs statistics, in 2018,

The United States is still the largest exporter of Chinese ceramic tile products, with exports reaching US$378 million.

The total export value was 9.49%, an increase of 2.02% year-on-year.

US law requires companies applying for double-reverse to account for a certain percentage of the US industry's production capacity.

And get enough business support. According to the US Department of Commerce and the North American Tile Industry Association

According to January-October 2018, the domestic ceramic tile production (excluding the export portion) is 7250

Ten thousand square meters, down 5.6% year-on-year, and the output in 2018 is estimated to be 84.4 million square meters.

It will also be the first decline in US tile production since 2009. And the United States in 2018

Tile consumption is estimated at 288 million square meters, up 1.2% year-on-year.

The "double-reverse" investigation involves two government departments in the United States:

The first is the damage investigation of the International Trade Commission (ITC).

Quality damage or threat of damage, etc.). This part is mainly about the analysis of the state of the industry, exporters.

And the importer may separately and jointly file a defense opinion and provide information.

According to the law, ITC has filed a case on the same day and launched a preliminary stage of industrial damage.

Segment investigation; it is expected that a hearing will be held in early May and a preliminary ruling will be made in late May. in case

If the ITC preliminary ruling is established, the entire case will continue, otherwise the case will be withdrawn. If it is established, ITC will enter

The final stage of the investigation is expected to be finalized by the end of April 2020.

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) is responsible for calculating dumping tax rates and subsidy rates for Chinese exporters.

. It is expected that the US Department of Commerce will open a case on April 30 to launch anti-dumping and countervailing duties.

Check the program. If the ITC preliminary ruling does not veto the case, the DOC is expected to do in early September 2019.

The anti-subsidy preliminary ruling was made, and the anti-dumping preliminary ruling was made in early November (the statutory earliest time limit is 7 respectively)

Month and September, but generally will be postponed). The corresponding tax deposit is also levied at the same time.

. In addition, if the import surges after the case is filed (ie, an emergency situation, Critical

Circumstance), the US government may also retroactively mark taxation for 90 days.

How do Chinese companies respond?

On April 11th, the Foshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued the "Anti-dumping Anti-dumping of American Tiles on China"

Notice of the Coping and Coordination Meeting, will be held in Foshan Crown Holiday on the afternoon of April 17

The hotel convened a response coordination meeting to inform the case and discuss the response strategy. Inviting merchants

The Ministry of Education, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, and the China Minmetals Chemicals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce leaders attended the meeting and spoke

And ask a professional lawyer to explain the case.

Guangsheng Law Firm said that in terms of damage, ITC will issue questionnaires to Chinese companies.

Major exporters and producers should actively respond to the questions and provide relevant industry information.

Defence. Hiring a professional economic analyst to conduct industry analysis and writing relevant reports is to win

The key to damage the case. In terms of damage, there are only two outcomes, win and lose, so you must do your best.

Go. Encourage importers and downstream users to participate and support positive efforts to win damage


On the other hand, in the DOC’s dumping and subsidy survey, there was a case for the United States during the period.

All exporters of product exports need to submit the amount (Q&V) within the prescribed time limit.

Answers (sometimes in countervailing), average tax rate application responses (must be submitted), etc.

This document shall be responded to; the enterprises with the top export volume may be drawn as mandatory

Responding to the company, answering a very complicated questionnaire, providing management, sales, cost, and subsidy

A series of complicated data and information, and on-site verification. Hire a professional lawyer

Helping to cope, help to get the status and treatment it deserves while avoiding unnecessary losses