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How to choose a kitchen tile
2020-01-03 1013
Kitchen decoration is an important part of home decoration, and the kitchen covers the widest area. The first thing that enters the eye is the overall effect of the ground and the wall. Although there are various materials or coatings on the market to choose from, the most commonly used by ordinary families is ceramic tiles. The kitchen is not brighter and cleaner than spaces such as the living room and bedroom. It is a place exposed to water and oil stains all year round, so the choice of tiles in the kitchen decoration is also important.

Floor tiles for kitchen decoration should be non-slip

The kitchen is one of the most susceptible places to get wet. The wet floor cannot be avoided, so in this case, the most worrying issue is the anti-skid problem. Therefore, the biggest point of the kitchen decoration floor tile is anti-skid.

It is recommended that the kitchen is best covered with matte ceramic tiles. Among them, matte ceramic tiles are the best to meet the requirements of anti-skid in the kitchen. Suitable for use in the kitchen.

Kitchen decoration wall tiles to prevent moisture

In order to save the trouble of choosing ceramic tiles when decorating a kitchen, many people often mix wall tiles and floor tiles. In fact, wall tiles are ceramic products, and floor tiles are porcelain products. Their physical characteristics are different. The absorption rate of ceramic tiles is about 10%, which is many times higher than that of porcelain tiles with only 0.5%. Floor tiles have a low water absorption rate and are suitable for laying on the ground. The wall tiles are made of glazed ceramic, with a high moisture content and a rough back, which is conducive to the wall, but it will absorb too much water and is difficult to clean.

The kitchen and bathroom are both places with large water vapor. Therefore, pay attention to moisture prevention for wall tiles. It is not recommended to mix wall and floor tiles. You should choose glazed tiles with the best moisture resistance.

Kitchen decoration tiles should be easy to clean

The kitchen is the place with the most oil stains and needs to be cleaned frequently, so the kitchen tiles should be selected for easy cleaning. There are many kinds of tiles in the tiles, such as glazed tiles, whole-body tiles, vitrified tiles, polished tiles, mosaics, etc. However, it is recommended not to use mosaics in the kitchen for cleaning reasons, because each area of the mosaic is small. The gap is easy to hide dirt and dirt, and it is not easy to clean, so do not choose mosaic tiles in the kitchen as much as possible.

Kitchen decoration tiles should be unified

Kitchen decoration wall tiles are best light-colored, floor tiles are chosen to match darker colors. If the pursuit of a unified and unified visual effect, the best color of the kitchen tiles and cabinets belong to the same color system. If you like strong visual impact and stylish avant-garde style, the color of the tile is best contrasted with the color of the cabinet. It can be a contrast color, which can make the two complement each other.

Kitchen decoration tiles to small specifications

Generally speaking, the kitchen space is relatively small, so it is not suitable to use large-sized tiles, otherwise the kitchen will look crowded. It is best to use small and medium-sized tiles, which have a visual extension effect.

Kitchen floor tiles are currently available in 300 × 300 and 330 × 330. The size of the kitchen wall tile is more than 300 × 300, 300 × 450, but many of the current decoration are non-standard stickers, such as European-style 165 × 165 parquet, 600 × 600 cut into 300 × 600, 800 × 800 is cut into 400 × 800, etc., depending on the specific decoration style.

It is recommended that the cabinet be covered with tiles

Many people think that the space behind the cabinet is not visible anyway, so the walls are exposed, but it is also recommended that the cabinet be covered with tiles. This can reduce the erosion of the cabinet by the kitchen moisture, prevent mold from deforming, and easily match the cabinet with the wall and floor to keep the cabinet beautiful. If you really want to save money, choose the cheapest bricks for the wall tiles and floor tiles that the cabinet can cover.