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Dongsheng Trade: Instead of following the trend of live broadcasting, it is better to concentrate on these four points
2020-03-18 1364
[Dongsheng Trade] Unconsciously, most pottery enterprises have been in operation for more than half a month. During this half month, a variety of online live streaming, online drainage and online training have become the most important jobs in the current industry. Companies doing this, on the one hand, suffer from the epidemic, on the other hand, they also hope to get a share through new media marketing.

In fact, the industry's e-commerce has been involved a decade ago, and some brands have tasted the taste of the first crab as early as on Tmall and However, nearly ten years have passed. E-commerce has not developed in the ceramic industry. This is related to the material characteristics of tiles, vicious price competition, and low-frequency consumption. It also involves complex offline such as logistics, handling, and replenishment. Problems can never be solved overnight like other online products. Therefore, in the past two years from the Double Eleven Online Shopping Festival, the tile e-commerce sales data is not optimistic, and the only remaining first-line brands are also suspected of brushing the data to do face work, such as people drinking water, heating and cooling.

A new crown epidemic that lasted until the end of last year has hit unprecedented levels in all walks of life, especially for the ceramic industry, which has entered the severe winter of the market. But no matter how hard the days are, we must lift our legs and look forward. Market competition and survival of the fittest are the natural laws of survival of the fittest. Just like the loss caused by this epidemic, it is inevitable, but in the course of fighting the epidemic, it has virtually improved the public health governance capacity, social cohesion and citizen quality of the whole society, and even a promotion for the socio-economic Opportunities for transformation and upgrading, although the costs and costs of this transformation and upgrading are too high.

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At the time of writing this article, the IKEA brand has just announced its presence in the Tmall online flagship store and will give priority to serving 4 provinces and cities in the Yangtze River Delta region, and then gradually expand to other provinces and cities nationwide. This is the first time that the IKEA brand has entered a third-party platform. This is another online channel after IKEA launched the official website of the Chinese official website since 2018. Ikea, which focuses on experiential marketing and offline food, is expanding its online sales channels. I believe this is not only an expedient move that affects IKEA's offline stores, but also IKEA's overall layout for China's digital economy. IKEA China executives also said that while increasing online consumption, they will further sink offline channels, and strive to open more physical stores in China's second- and third-tier cities in the future. It is worth noting that the physical home stores such as Red Star Macalline and Actual Home, which are regarded as competitors by IKEA, are also accelerating digital transformation and connecting with e-commerce predators, but offline sales seem to have encountered serious problems. The decline or even the closure of the store tide, and whether the choice of online drainage and expansion of e-commerce channels can change this trend is still to be seen.

Looking back at the digital marketing and online economy of our ceramic industry through this case, it may not be good to do it, and it will not be good to not do it. In this era of network-wide marketing, digitalization and new online and offline retail models have become the general trend. In view of our industry and product characteristics, how to do a series of services such as IKEA online, offline delivery, installation and return and exchange, these are the issues that need to be solved online in the ceramic industry. In addition, IKEA's main models of experiential marketing, product innovation, designer routes, member services, warehousing and distribution are all worthy of our learning and reference.

Therefore, our company can take advantage of this period of time to calm down and think, aside from the harshness and slump of the market, it cannot be changed. Where is the future of our industry? How to abandon the traditional construction industry thinking and the burdens of logistics, handling, return and replenishment, etc. Don't blindly follow the trend, envy the Internet celebrity economy, delusion that the era of traffic can become popular overnight, and even spend money on live broadcasts, videos, data, circles Fans, in the end, still look empty-handed, which is really undesirable.

During the extraordinary period, there are four suggestions for the recent work of ceramic enterprises:

First, concentrate on product development

Any successful brand is believed to be inseparable from the product, especially the physical industry. The current product innovation in the ceramic industry also seems to have reached a bottleneck period. In this respect, it is limited to the innovation of upstream equipment, glaze lines, inks, and process raw materials. On the one hand, the blind end worship and disorientation of the flow economy brought by the downstream terminal market. Therefore, enterprises should still plan product innovation according to their platform strengths, do not follow the trend and not take the lead, and be led by the boss or manager. During this period, carefully comb their own product line and future product structure, under the premise of little change to the production line Develop some functional products such as antibacterial, self-cleaning, anti-slip, etc. In addition, strengthen the application and matching of products, and improve product design quality and competitiveness through product combination and deep processing.

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Second, do a good job in online marketing activities

1. Wired stores use online stores, third-party platform live broadcasts, etc. to conduct drainage or sales activities.

2. Those who do not have an online store can temporarily set up an online store through WeChat Mini Program, public account or other third-party platforms.

3. Community marketing through WeChat, QQ, etc.

4. Carry out online promotion and investment promotion through media platforms such as B2B. Of course, these prerequisites require you to have sufficient offline network support. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to review the terminal layout of your own brand, dealer quality, and unified combat capabilities. Therefore, online and offline image construction is equally important, and the two complement each other.

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Third, do a good job of internal management and human resources inventory

Digital and paperless office is the general trend, which directly affects the efficiency and operating costs of the enterprise. If these tasks have not been done or not completely done, then you can let go and do it thoroughly. Through this time, carefully check the organizational structure, departmental manpower, and work processes, which need to be strengthened, which need to be abolished, which can be standardized, which can be merged or streamlined, how to give play to the initiative of personnel, how to achieve cost optimization and benefit balance. .

Fourth, think about the future of the brand

Everything is forbidden before it is abolished, and today a new crown epidemic has turned the world upside down. Many companies or companies may end prematurely or be forced to transform under this pressure. This may be a situation that most people do n’t expect. How to improve the immunity and anti-risk ability of enterprises? First of all, from their own perspective, abandon short-minded thinking and take stock of the survival advantages and core values of their own enterprises, so as to further consolidate and amplify such advantages and form their own brand symbols and brand values. The second is to change from passive to active, to be able to make a decisive transformation based on its own business conditions and market prospects, to dare to overthrow the past and rebuild, and to abandon responsible production to meet the new future. It also requires the courage and intention of strong men to break their wrists.

The epidemic is now at its final stage of attack, and it is only a short time before masks return to normal. However, the distress and pressure brought by the epidemic should always be avoided. If you don't sharpen the firewood, you can only prepare for a better tomorrow if you are fully prepared!